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10 Tips for Better Eating with Whole Grains

Vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater, good fresh whole grains can play an important role in your healthy diet. To fit a little more healthy into your day, try these 10 tips from the folks at Zinman’s Vegan Bistro. 

1. Do some trading – Trade out a refined product like white bread for the healthier whole grain like whole-wheat bread. It is easy to make stuffed green peppers even better with brown rice stuffing – or fix macaroni and cheese with a whole-wheat macaroni.

2. Get wild and crazy – For example, make a tasty pilaf with wild rice. Chopped dried fruit can add a special touch.

3. Build a better breading – Good grains like rolled oats or other unsweetened whole grain cereal will liven up baked fish or eggplant parmesan.

4. Recycle – leftover cooked bulgur can be frozen and reheated quickly for handy side dishes

5. Throw in the . . . Barley! Add a handful to your next veggie soup. Or add some bulgur wheat to that stir-fry.

6. Amp up the taste – and the nutrition by using wholegrain flour in cookies or other baked goods. Good and good for you..

7. Divide and conquer – One good way is to make up to half the flour in pancakes or muffins a good quality whole grain wheat or oat flour.

8. Go home-made – Home made snack crackers can give you more whole grain goodness.  (No time for home-made?  A 100% whole grain cracker at the store can deliver )

9. Snack it – Popcorn is a whole grain! 

10. Get Fresh – Like freshly milled whole grains or freshly rolled oats for a whole new taste treat. You really will be able to taste the difference.

Check the Label for Whole Grains

The USDA suggests looking for foods that include one of the following whole grains as the first ingredient on the label list. Some of the most popular whole grain ingredients include:
• brown rice
• buckwheat
• bulgur
• millet
• oatmeal
• popcorn
• quinoa
• rolled oats

When you are looking for freshly milled whole grains, Zinman’s Food Shop is a great source – see our Grainworks page.