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Fresh Milled Grains

Zinman’s Food Shop sells fresh milled grains, ground locally at our own Grainworks.  And because fresh really is important, we seek out local providers, store carefully and mill in small batches on demand.  All that extra work on our part means you get the very best tasting grains around – and we think that makes it worth the trouble.

Get Great Local Grains at Zinmans

Zinmans seeks out and sources grains and pulses from the most reputable growers we can find.  Our locally grown grains come to us from BKW Farms in Marana and Ramona Farms in Sacaton on the Gila River.  See our fresh Arizona-grown grain items listed in bold in the Grainworks products list below.

Of course, some of our other items – like teff and oats – do not typically grow here in southern Arizona. However, we understand the value of these fresh grain products in a healthy plant-based diet, so we seek out the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious grain products we can find and make them available to you.

Our Raw Grains and Pulses Get 5 Star Treatment

Raw grains arriving at Zinman’s GrainWorks receive VIP treatment to maximize quality.  We store our unmilled grains and pulses in airtight containers.  And they rest in our refrigerated grain room until ready for milling.  Temperature controls and dehumidifiers keep our grains at just the right cool temperature and humidity level for quality milling and excellent taste.

Pre-Cooled  for Better Grain Milling

The cool and dry atmosphere of the Grainworks grain room is also conducive to good milling.  Grainworks’ in-house mill uses 12-inch Meadows Mill milling stones.  Pre-cooling means these massive granite stones work at the right temperature for proper milling.  Pre-cooled milling keeps the flour cool and healthy – and tasting really good!

Fresh Milled Grains – good for us and good tasting

Freshly milled or rolled, grains are good for us in so many ways. Bakers appreciate our heritage White Sonora Wheat for its sweet, earthy flavor and nutty texture. Or try our local Durum wheat – a non-gmo grain grown without pesticides or herbicides. Spelt, garbanzos, black eye peas or tepary beans – you can find them all at the Grainworks. And don’t forget our freshly rolled oats.  This Zinman’s house specialty

will change your mind about what rolled oats or oatmeal can be!

Quality That is Worth It!

We know our grains and pulses sometimes cost more than mass processed products.  Frankly, that’s because we offer quality grains and quality can cost more. We think you will agree the better quality grain product is worth every penny.  But don’t take our word for it. Come try our freshly milled flour products and taste the difference for yourself! It really is simple – we want to serve you the best.


OK – what are those Pulses?

Pulses are edible seeds of legumes including dry beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils.

 Fresh Flour and Grain Prices


Price Per Pound Bulk Price – 10 lbs or more

(Advance orders recommended)

Freshly Milled Flour

Durum Wheat $5.00 /lb $2.50 /lb
Einkorn Wheat $12.00 /lb $6.00 /lb
Emmer Wheat $12.00 /lb $6.00 /lb
Khorasan Wheat $5.00 /lb $2.50/lb
Pima Club Wheat $8.80 /lb $4.40 /lb
Red Fife Wheat $5.00 /lb $2..50 /lb
Spelt $9.00 /lb $4.50 /lb
White Sonora Wheat $6.00 /lb $3.00 /lb

Other Grains and Pulses


Freshly Rolled Oats


Black Eye Peas

Tepary Beans

$5.20 /lb

$8.00 /lb

$12.00 /lb

$11.20 /lb

$12.80 /lb

$2.60 / lb

$4.00 /lb

$6.00 /lb

$5.60 /lb

$6.90 /lb


Please Call Ahead for Freshly Milled Grains in Bulk



  In order to keep our product at its very freshest, we do not maintain large stocks of milled grains.  Please call ahead to place large orders of milled grains from Zinman’s Food Shop.  Questions about shipping options?  Give Erik  a call!

Fresher is better!