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Welcome to the Vegan Bistro at Zinman’s Food Shop 

Vegan Bistro for Vegan Natural in Tucson

The Vegan Bistro at Zinman’s Food Shop serves some of Tucson’s best naturally vegan foods.  You will enjoy vegan wholegrain baked goods, side dishes,  or entire meals ready for take out.  Be sure to try our sourdough or teff breakfast pancakes

See our Full Bistro Menu here 

The folks at Vegan Bistro strive to create food which is both tasty AND healthy.

That means, we serve solely plant based foods in breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes for casual eating on our patio or to take home to enjoy.

We do not like what we call “orthopedic food,” foods made to taste like meat or dairy products. Our menu stresses dishes and cuisines which are more naturally vegan. Come taste the difference in natural vegan.

Locally Sourced Fresh Produce

We stress using seasonal produce in season and buying when the product is fresh and abundant. In season and abundant means less expensive to buy – and we pass the savings on to you in the form of reasonable prices.

Seasonality implies some degree of “localness” even for store-bought produce. Whenever possible, though, we source our seasonal produce direct from local farmers.

When the earth moves and a product is out of season, too expensive or not so good, we just do without – excepting some go-to chefs’ favorites like lemons, garlic, and onions.

But when the local onions, garlic, and lemons are in season, we do very special things with them.

>> Fresh Vegan – Be sure to try our freshly prepared dishes using those onions, garlic, lemons.

Locally Milled Grains

We invite you to try a fresh taste experience with our locally milled grains. The grain we use in all our pasta, baked goods, oatmeal and bulgur wheat is locally milled in our own Grainworks right next door.

Our grain products are locally milled and processed in-house to eliminate rancidity. If you are used to eating “store bought” grains, you may have just gotten used to a degree of rancidity, but once you taste the sweetness of freshly milled wheat, freshly cracked corn, or freshly rolled oats you will appreciate the difference.

Where possible, our grains also come from farms just minutes or hours away. Our Pima Club Heirloom wheat, for example, is grown at the San Xavier Co-Op Farms on the Tohono O’odham Nation just outside Tucson. Locally grown and locally milled grains are better for you and they just taste better too – the Zinman’s promise.

>> Naturally Vegan – Try a bowl of freshly rolled oats granola – you’ll like local!

Homestyle Vegan Cooking

We make almost all our vegan food from deep scratch. That means, we make our own vegetable stock, for example – and then use that homemade stock to make the potatoes, gravy, and soups.

Just like at home, our menu varies by the day – or sometimes by the hour. That means, we may not always have what you enjoyed last time you ate with us, but we can promise you fresh vegan meals, creative vegan side dishes, and tasty vegan baked goods.

>> Homestyle Vegan –  Our vegan cookies and scones are even better than momma used to make!

Affordable Vegetarian for Everyday Eating

We are casual and affordable – and we don’t accept tips. Our seasonal sourcing helps us keep our prices low. No table service – you order and pick up at the counter. And you won’t find much in the way of indoor seating but we have a nice open air patio in the courtyard.

All that means we minimize prices and maximize your enjoyment of tasty, healthy vegan food.

  >> Cool Vegan Sipping – Cool down a hot Tucson afternoon with coconut milk – served right from the coconut!

Healthy Take Out Side Dishes

Pick up our healthy fresh side dishes to take home – an easy and tasty addition to any family dinner.  Selection varies daily so stop by to see what is fresh today.  Or call in your order – we’ll have your food ready for pickup when you stop by.

Dog Friendly Patio

Our large outdoor patio is open all day and evening. Come sit under the flags in our pet friendly open air courtyard and enjoy some of Tucson’s best vegan cooking.

>> Dogs drink free on our patio – always.

“You guys are great. I stopped in for the first time last week, bought a few things, had a couple samples..The fresh oats was the best oatmeal i ever had. (and I’ve had a lot). ”  George S.


The Fine Print
Because of how we source our food, our vertically integrated production chain, and dedication to seasonality, being occasionally out of one or two items will be the norm rather than the exception. Of course, we could pour lots of stuff into being constantly up to snuff – OR – we can just embrace this world of scarcity and offer lower prices, and creative alternatives when needed. If that’s O.K. with you, then we’ll get along just fine.