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Try Acai or Would You Rather Eat a Bowl of Cinnamon?

It’s time to try Acai.  Or would you rather nibble on a bowl of cinnamon?

The antioxidant ability of a food is measured by a number called ORAC [oxygen radical absorbance capacity]. Acai puree boasts an ORAC of 102,700 making it one of nature’s strongest antioxidant foods. Sure, cinnamon ranks higher in antioxidants [ORAC 267,537] and so do cloves [ORAC 314,446]. But would you want to eat cinnamon or cloves by the bowlful?

Acai is a wild-growing berry native to Brazil. Acai dishes fit well with Zinman’s vegan food mission to produce and promote foods that are tasty without being bad for you. In fact, that ORAC score means this little berry can be remarkably good for you.

The highly antioxidant acai berry puree has a strong ability to neutralize free radicals. Those free radicals develop naturally from cellular metabolism, but aging, stress, inflammation, and illness also play a role. Moreover, environmental factors such as pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, toxic chemicals, radiation, and some medications all increase our exposure to free radicals.

Why worry about free free radicals? They damage DNA and contribute to aging.

Our Acai Bowl is a Bowlful of Goodness

At the Vegan Bistro at Zinman’s Food Shop, this hardworking berry tastes good too! Our frozen puree (processed with coconut for texture) blends with equal parts frozen wild blueberries [ORAC 14,00] and unsweetened pineapple juice [ORAC 568]. We lay down a bed of our own granola made with freshly rolled oats and fill the bowl with that frozen acai preparation. Then we sprinkle more granola and some fresh seasonal fruit on top.

The small bowl delivers a quarter pound of goodness for $5.50.  Or go all out with the half pound large bowl for just $7.50.

Get the Acai Bowl at the Zinman’s Food Shop Vegan Bistro.  Just ask for ah-sah-EE . Or tell us you want a bowl of goodness – we’ll know what you mean!