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Zinman’s Launches Lunchtime Delivery!

New Lunchtime Delivery Service Now Available

Downtown office workers get a new perk this week as Zinman’s Food Shop begins a new lunchtime delivery service.  Available only to addresses from Speedway to Cushing and I-10 to Fourth Avenue, the lunch delivery service offers a special vegan lunch menu for delivery from 10 to 2 weekdays.  To order from the lunchtime delivery menu, call 520 777-6882 an hour or so before you want your lunch to arrive.

Cash Only Please

During the initial roll out of the lunchtime delivery service, we cannot accept credit cards.  Please plan to pay by cash while we get our remote payment system in place.  

To provide this convenient service, we must add a delivery charge of $5 per delivery.  However, we do encourage bundled orders so get your co-workers together to put all the individual orders in as one order with one delivery charge –  and everyone saves!

Hot Entrees, Cool Salads

The lunch delivery service features a half dozen hot vegan entrees, including a Tofu Scramble with summer squash, sweet corn and fresh herbs and a Tiger Skin pepper stir fry served over steamed brown rice. Or try Jerk Jackfruit Tacos, Firfir, Shaanxi Noodles in chili sauce, or a pesto pasta.  Hot offerings at just $7.50 each.

If you are looking for a cool treat, try a salad.  You get to choose a Chinese tahini noodle, firfir, hummus or fresh seasonal fruit salad.  And don’t forget the baked stuff – like home made flat bread or Zinman’s yummy whole wheat pecan cookies – vegan, of course.

Or Visit the Vegan Bistro

The Vegan Bistro at Zinman’s Food Shop continues to be open during the summer for limited hours from 9 to 2 weekdays.  Stop by to see us at 111 West 4th Street — watch for the flags!